As an avid traveler and physician, Dr. Zee felt the toll on her body after carrying heavy backpacks for more than a decade. Born out of her own search for relief, BaxBag™ is an eco-conscious solution that’s bringing relief to those in pain, while simultaneously being good for the body and the planet

Patent pending orthopaedic design

Patent-pending adjustable straps gently pull shoulders back in line by equally distributing weight between the upper and lower back. This naturally corrects posture while eliminating shoulder strain, helping you stand taller and feel better. The proper weight distribution allows the muscles of your core, mid-back and glutes to engage. This not only lets other muscle groups share the weight of the load, but it also results in positively exercising, activating, or even “working out” these important multiple muscle groups while you walk.

BaxBag features a comfortable, ergonomic back cushion that provides unmatched shoulder, neck, and lumbar support. Unlike current bookbag back cushions that cause constant trunk flexion, BaxBag™ supports the natural s-shape of the spine by reallocating the weight away from the shoulders and more onto the mid-thoracic region. BaxBag’s foam pad cushioning is similar to that of luxury, high-end computer chairs, working to combat spine problems like lordosis, discitis, kyphosis, and more.

Color Options

  • Off-white with Green
  • Black


  • Water bottle pocket
  • Eco-Friendly side pocket for phone
  • Metal zippers
  • Rubber plug hole to connect to solar power battery USB
  • Removable lumbar support strap
  • Durable handle lets you grab your bag and go
  • Weather-resistant
  • Machine-washable


  • Weight: 0.9 kgs
  • Volume: 25 L
  • 30" x 44" x 7.5"


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Singapore 049422
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